The three basic needs of being Human are Food, Shelter and Clothing. We can live without Shelter and Clothing, not without food, but in this era which is integrated with technology we have more of virtual needs than the best, affordable and fresh from farm but somewhere we are detouring ourselves for our sophistication or physical needs, but does that worth it when basic food takes a beating. We mean fresh, clean & hygiene food from farm to your door step. Eg: In situations like earthquakes, floods and cyclones we see a drop in sales of sophisticated items even basic needs like cloths and construction materials for shelter but huge rise in demand of Foods are noticed because to live we need food.


To become the largest fruits and vegetables, grocery supply company that can promise you timely delivery of fresh fruits, vegetables and other groceries and to reduce the wastage of farm products, save your time and provide door delivery by efficiently managing the first mile and last mile of supply chain based on demand on a daily basis where we support farmers and unemployed youth. The company’s vision is to focus on setting up Collection Centre for procurement, have sufficient Satellite Hubs, Delivery Centre's in cities. Encourage Pre order by mobile App to consumers to meet demand & supply thereby to reduce wastage on daily yield from farm which will help farmers and transport cost. Satellite Hubs are the state of the art micro level delivery centre's to ensure efficient shelf life of vegetables and fruits through the organic methods of storing, thereby minimizing the wastage. The company believes that profitability and revenue growth must go hand in hand.

With no competitors who can match the completeness of its vision or its distinct advantages, 12R is ideally positioned to seize an enormous “green field” opportunity. Continually cited for the high quality of its offerings, 12R has built an outstanding reputation amongst a large, impressive customer base. With a strong storage Satellite hubs and Pre ordering model, 12R is positioned to be a leading player.

"In Indian Market Out of 100% Fruits and Vegetables (F & V) Produced by the farmer only 60-70% reached to actual consumers and out of them only 50% is in consumable condition. Irony is that even though they purchase it by paying hard earned money throw away another 5 -10 % of purchased fruits and vegetables. Here we want to draw the attention of society that the total volume of fruits and vegetables are not utilized by our society and dumped as ideal waste."

12R provides what a family deserves. Mantra of our organization is to deliver a good value proposition as well as develop an ecosystem, where one can get any product mix in best condition in real time and minimize the ideal waste. Our team is having full of expertise professionals, which makes sure that you don't receive any rotten product. The beauty of 12R is zero wastage. We try to follow 6 Sigma approach to optimize waste and smooth delivery. 12R is on the path of creating a positive brand awareness and to aware the society that we as an organization is more concern for their family health rather than only make profit.